29Sep2019 Update: JStrack 3.3.4 is out
29Sep2019 Update: Documentation (PDF) Updated
30Aug2019 Update: GOES EAST satellite imagery is back!
30Aug2019 Update: New (short) demo video for JStrack
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NEWS! (see sections below for details)

29Sep2019: JStrack 3.4.0 is out

Version 3.4.0 includes updated documentation, links to the NEW GOES EAST Satellite imagery, and, among other things, a new pop3 client for fetching WX-ATLAN email and handing each NHC product from these emails to JStrack's filter, filt.tcl.

You can download it from the downloads section.

26Oct19 Newer, fixed version of pop3.tcl: (fixes an error in the original) in downloads.. Copy this one over the one in the filt directory. A combination of damage by my first cancer and apparently, a bug in how Windows handles pipes, resulted in a series of issues with this, but it is finally working correctly for both Windows users and users of various Unixes (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), and with cron (Unix) and zcron (Windows), it can all be scheduled for near real-time updates, 24/7, as I intended it to be from day one (for Unix, using procmail; now those who, for whatever reason, can't use procmail, also have an alternative).

I have created a short JStrack demo video

You can download this video, JStrackDemo.mkv, to watch offline or, you might be able to watch it in your browser.


The WX-ATLAN e-mail list, the source of data for all you Unix users out there, has CHANGED. You will have to re-subscribe and set your sub-topics on the new site. The information on doing so is here. Assuming you've used the procmail rules I show below, you should not need to adjust them at all. Users of the new pop3 client for grabbing WX-ATLAN email for JStrack's filter will also want to read this for instructions on either setting up or modifying their WX-ATLAN email settings.

What Is JStrack?

JStrack is a freeware hurricane tracking program. It's currently tested under Unix and Windows (i.e., what I have access to).

I wrote it in Tcl/Tk, and is the result of my not being able to find a freely available hurricane tracking system for Unix. Note that while it was originally designed for running under Unix, as of version 3.4.0, it is now MUCH more friendly towards people running it under Windows, and offers a pop3 client to use to fetch WX-ATLAN email from a dedicated email account, and then passes it to JStrack's filter, filt.tcl for processing.

As before, it should run on any system for which Tcl/Tk is available (Mac users—I don't have a Mac anymore, or access to one, so any feedback and/or help you can offer would be appreciated).

27 August 2010: New JStrack e-mail list created at Googlegroups

I've created an e-mail discussion list for JStrack users (and myself) at jstrack@googlegroups.com. To subscribe or unsubscribe, see JStrack e-mail list instructions.

Note that this is where problems are posted and discussed, as are patches, fixes, etc. long before anything happens on this web site. If you aren't already on this list, I strongly advise you to join as soon as possible. It's normally a quiet list, except when some issue or question comes up.