29Sep2019 Update: JStrack 3.3.4 is out
29Sep2019 Update: Documentation (PDF) Updated
30Aug2019 Update: GOES EAST satellite imagery is back!
30Aug2019 Update: New (short) demo video for JStrack
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JStrack Screen Pics

Tropical Storm Barry (04--05 Aug 01)

New Maps (as of pre-release JStrack 1.30)

These pics show JStrack's new maps, provided by Ron Murphy of NWS, Birmingham.

Pics from JStrack 1.20 (before the new maps)

A Bit of Ancient History...

The following snapshots are from very old versions of JStrack, showing Hurricane Lili and/or Hurricane Josephine (both 1996 storms).

In these versions of JStrack, the background for everything is gray, btw.