17Sep2012 Update: JStrack 3.3.4 is out
17Sep2012 Update: Documentation (PDF) Updated
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Patch to tracker/lib/read_any.tcl - NHC went to mixed case, and JStrack was looking for all uppercase. Fixed for old and new by adding -nocase to the regexp commands.... Replace existing file with this read_any.tcl.

Patch to two filter files (under the "filt" directory): Replace filtlib.tcl and read_fc.tcl with the new filtlib.tcl and read_fc.tcl

NEW RELEASE: JStrack-3.3.4 (17Aug2012)

Other Things You May Need/Want

If you aren't using the Windows EXE release, you will need to have Tcl/Tk installed before you do anything else. After you extract the archives (and have installed Tcl/Tk), you will need to run autoconfig.tcl (under the main jstrack directory).

NOTE: The code for satellite imagery and for creating an image file from the main window REQUIRES the Img extension. This is included in the ActiveTcl release for Windows. For Unix users, you'll need to download it (see links below).

Links You Need to Have (and local copies of some files)

Info on previous versions

JStrack version 3.2.1

This release's primary purpose is to add a download with Windows executables for the tracker program and for the autoftp program (which automates data updates via JStrack's ftp code). The conversion to EXE files on the windows side is something I've been working on for some time, little by little learning more about how to use tclkit.exe and sdx.kit.

All users using the plain Tcl/Tk version (i.e., not the EXE) should download the non-EXE copy, extract the archive, and run autoconfig.tcl as usual.