JStrack's author needs your help!

My first cancer, 2006–2007, forcibly retired me and forced me into Social "Security" Disability, leaving me to live on a monthly budget just above the poverty level. I have setup a home business making and selling handmade jewelry on Etsy.

Please help by checking out these products from my Etsy shop and if you like them, visit My Handmade Jewelry shop on Etsy or by clicking on the links below and purchase one or more items. As it stands right now, there are updates I need to get done, and my time is forced to be focused on my business to try and get a half-decent monthly budget.

Things that are on hold include removing the (no longer functioning) http filter (and explaining how Windows users are going to have to get their storm data from now on), and fixing the GOES EAST sattelite imager. The more or less universal shift away from http to https broke both of those (along with the fact that the GOES EAST imagery URLs have changed, as has the imagery itself).

Also please note that I am in the process of re-shooting and replacing all of the product images here; you will probably easily recognize which have already been completed.

In addition to that, when my budget allows, I am frequently adding new products to my shop, so check back regulary if you like what I'm selling, or simply go to my shop and click on Follow (if you are not already a member on Etsy, simply install the Etsy app on your cellphone and join).

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