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  • My Handmade Jewelry shop on Etsy
  • TEX cabochon stuff (temporary)

    I, JStrack's author, need your help!

    Please refer to My Etsy Product Listings. As I say in that page, my first cancer left me with a tiny budget, and I have a handmade jewelry shop on Etsy to help that budget. The thing is, it's just getting started, and it needs help. I'm behind on work on JStrack because I'm currently required to focus all of my free time on my business.

    Links to my various pages here

    • JStrack (a freeware, Tcl/Tk-based Hurricane Tracking Program)
    • My brewing stuff (includes HBU info)
    • Sun Tzu - The Art of War
    • Muoi Khuntilanont Thai Recipe Page ePub format // (Original Source) - Posted with permission.
    • "Habanero Hellfire Heaven" - My homemade habanero sauce (copyrighted, free for personal use), recipe. (PDF, typeset with TEX).
    • Tux video (DivX) - Tux caught on camera doing his forward roll—poor lighting but cleaned up some with AVISynth plus VirtualDub plus filters (see "Mine", "Hosted", and "Others")
      technical info on the processing I did (mostly for my reference)
    • Photography Most of the photography that was here has been removed.... (also a link to pics of my cats)
    • PEP is a small, extremely useful program I found a long time ago on one of the Usenet newsgroups, probably comp.sources.unix or comp.sources.misc. Got a file with a lot of non-printable garbage? Or maybe you want to convert between spaces/tabs? Pep is great at that. I haven't found it lately, so here it is: pep28.tar.gz or
    • My Tcl/Tk stuff
      • (JStrack, of course)
      • GTbrew2 - a brewer's recipe formulator. More info in the brewing section's index.
      • Sudoku.tcl - This is a combination of my Tcl/Tk sudoku assist program, Michael Kennett's sudoku program (C src), and sudoku_solver (also C) by Bill Dupree. :-) Compiled executables are included for Windows users. Source code for the two C programs is also included.

        New feature as of 07 June 2009: can now specify a list of acceptable levels (easy, medium, etc.) on the command line and/or in config.tcl (command line wins if they disagree). Valid levels are "easy", "medium", "hard", and "fiendish". - This is the full release (06Feb2011 update) of the above Sudoku.tcl (plus). It includes sudoku.tcl for Unix and Mac OS/X users, and sudoku.exe for Windows users (who, if they have Tcl/Tk installed, can, of course, also just use sudoku.tcl).

        Unzip the file, edit config.tcl (any plain text editor will do) and run either sudoku.exe or sudoku.tcl (using wish8.4 or, on Windows with the ActiveTcl release, wish84---I have no idea if this code will work with Tcl/Tk 8.5 ... it *SHOULD*, but since I haven't tested it, no promises).

      • A couple of simple clocks:
      • More coming later...
    • cbb - CheckBook Balancer (GREAT checkbook balancer by Curtis L. Olson that seems to have vanished from the ' I'm putting a copy here):
    • A little about me (some of this is outdated now, but...)
    • My 2008 Pepper Garden

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